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QRCode: Content creation costs money…

good content costs money - QRCode

I used to play with the content of a QRCode: remove parts of it, add colours, a logo, text… Here’s an example:

  1. Display image in full.
  2. Scan QRcode with your prefered app.
  3. Read the text and comment below.

PS: there’s absolutely no link inside, just text

I did this a long time ago, when testing various possibilities in digital communication and marketing, playing with the basics of a QRCode

FYI, QRCodes can be used to simplify payments in various applications, specifically designed and adapted to work for specific purposes. See Wikipedia for more info.

If you didn’t scan the QRCode…

Content creation costs money

And good content, including all the multimedia that goes with it online, costs a lot of money…

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